Tabernacle Historical Society

In February of 1975 a group of ten local residents met to discuss their desire to establish a local historical society. Although incorporated in 1901, Tabernacle history easily dates to earlier than 1778. It was about this year that John Brainard established a small church at the intersection of today’s Carranza and Medford Lakes Roads. It was know as the “Tabernacle in the Woods.”

By the time of incorporation in 1901 much history had gone unrecorded. In order to protect, preserve, promote and publish the tales and truths of our history, the Tabernacle Historical Society was established.

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  • About THS

    About THS

    The Tabernacle Historical Society is not a long existent organization that has been around for many, many, years. In fact it is less than 50 years old. Read more

  • Events


    Historical Events This page describes various historical events that have occurred in Tabernacle. Read more

  • Historic Places

    Historic Places

    This section of our website provides access to our digital archives pertaining to Tabernacle. Read more

  • Historic Sites Auto Tour

    Historic Sites Auto Tour

    This tour route will guide you to the marked and unmarked historical sites of our town. The story behind many locations is listed in the site’s description. Read more

  • Media


    Learn more about specific parts of our past via videos, oral histories or written histories Read more

  • People


    Historical People This page describes the historical people and families in Tabernacle. Read more

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