Historic Places

Historic Places

Digital archives pertaining to Historical Places in Tabernacle

  • Farms


    Notes on the Dairy and Poultry Farms of Tabernacle. Read more

  • Historical Churches

    Historical Churches

    History of various churches in Tabernacle. Read more

  • Historical Homesteads

    Historical Homesteads

    Various historical homesteads in Tabernacle. Read more

  • Historical Schools

    Historical Schools

    Histories of various schools in Tabernacle. Read more

  • Notes on Friendship Mill

    Notes on Friendship Mill

    Tabernacle’s Friendship Property by Rick Franzen © Our first inkling of a sawmill at Friendship comes from a November 1711 document recorded with the West Jersey Proprietors (West Jersey Loose Records 1711 – Hayns, John) now on file in the NJ State Archives. The West Jersey Loose Records date to the 1600’s and were one… Read more

  • Notes on Paisley

    Notes on Paisley

    The story of Paisley’s existence, a land fraud scheme in then Woodland Township and now Tabernacle Township, begins about 1888 and ends within a few years. However, its legacy continues to intrigue history buffs till this day. Read more

  • Notes On Sandy Ridge

    Notes On Sandy Ridge

    The area Sandy Ridge in Tabernacle Township is located below the Carranza Monument, not too far from the former hamlet of Friendship. Read more

  • The Taverns of Tabernacle

    The Taverns of Tabernacle

    At least eight 18th and 19th century taverns or inns have been identified as within the current township’s political borders. Read more

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