Gift Ideas

Want to gift a family member, neighbor or friend with a remembrance of local history? Our fund raiser items may be a great choice!! Local delivery available or see us at Community Day on October 27th.

Contact Rick Franzen (609-859 3469 or

Methodist Church Commemorative plate $10.00

Methodist Church Commemorative Plate


Nixon’s General Store Commemorative plate $10.00

Nixon’s General Store Commemorative Plate


Pepper House Commemorative plate $10.00

Pepper House Commemorative Plate


Town Hall Commemorative plate $10.00

Town Hall Commemorative Plate


Pepper House tree ornament $10.00

Pepper House Tree Ornament


School House tree ornament $10.00

School House Tree Ornament


Township afghan – upper half
Township afghan lower half $30.00

Tabernacle Township Afghan


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