Historical Events

This page describes various historical events that have occurred in Tabernacle.

  • 1976 USA Bicentennial Celebration in tabernacle

    1976 USA Bicentennial Celebration in tabernacle

    Tabernacle was part of our national celebration in 1976. Several activities were held and though a contribution from JoAnn Moore we are able to share the events which occurred at Patty Bowker Fields on July 17. Maybe you were there. After the photos of the events at patty Bowker Field, we have several pictures of… Read more

  • Burr/Haines Mill Archeological Dig Site

    Burr/Haines Mill Archeological Dig Site

    Recently the Society came into possession of a report concerning an archeological dig on Medford Lakes Road. The dig was conducted as the County planned to pave the shoulder of the road and the Pinelands Commission required a site review before work could commence. This event occurred in 1992. It’s conclusion was that between 1745… Read more

  • Local News

    Local News

    The Historical Society has a collection of tidbits and articles published in local news papers throughout the years. They are in “magnetic albums” and are slowly deteriorating. In order to preserve them, we are beginning to scan then and place them on our website. Click on a page below to read news articles from that… Read more

  • Harvest home picnic

    Harvest home picnic

    You may be curious about the image atop each of our web pages–it is an early postcard of a Harvest Home picnic. On the 31st of July 1876 a Harvest Home picnic was held in Haines Woods. There may have been earlier ones, but local Methodist Church records for Tabernacle listed in “Indian Mills Charge… Read more

  • Funeral Invitations

    Funeral Invitations

    Funeral invitations were used during the 19th and 20th centuries. The cards were sent to notify family and friends when the funeral was to be held. These invitations were very important socially. A funeral invitation could actually be used like a ticket, to gain admittance to a funeral, especially if it were for someone important or well… Read more

  • Tales of Murder and Mayhem ©

    Tales of Murder and Mayhem ©

    by Rick Franzen October 1920 The Murder of David Paul October 20, 1920 New Jersey Mirror Murder Victim’s Body is Found in Pines Hacked Remains of David Paul, Missing Bank Messenger, Discovered by Gunners. The Authorities of Burlington county have another baffling murder mystery to solve. On Saturday four duck hunters, William and James Cutts,… Read more

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