Burr/Haines Mill Archeological Dig Site

Recently the Society came into possession of a report concerning an archeological dig on Medford Lakes Road. The dig was conducted as the County planned to pave the shoulder of the road and the Pinelands Commission required a site review before work could commence.

This event occurred in 1992. It’s conclusion was that between 1745 and 1765 there was a “structure/structural complex occupied by an assimilated AmerIndian household (including at least a male and a female), who acquired a large number of western European goods such as clothing, dishes, weapons, and smoking paraphernalia while retaining traditional aspects of their native culture such as foodways, crafts, and, perhaps, house type as well.”

The site is at the headwaters of the Bread and Cheese Run, which back in the dwelling’s time was thought to be a more substantial waterway. The bulk of the report is provided below.

Today there is nothing on the site to observe. The shoulder is paved over and there is nothing to see. Should you decide to drive by or stop and visit, you will seeing nothing that differentiates to site from anything else in the area.

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