Historical People

This page describes the historical people and families in Tabernacle.

  • Civil War Vets ©

    Civil War Vets ©

    Tabernacle (Shamong) men in the Civil War buried in the Old Tabernacle Cemetery, the Junior Order of American Mechanics Cemetery and the African American Cemetery or, soldiers who were from Tabernacle (Shamong) Read more

  • Community Groups

    Community Groups

    Community Groups This page describes various community groups from Tabernacle including Gun Clubs and the Fire Company Tabernacle Gun Clubs Tabernacle Firefighters TABERNACLE FIRE COMPANY SENIOR MEMBERS Michael Callaghan Mike joined the Medford Farms Volunteer Fire Company #1, in 1973 which would later go on to become the Tabernacle Fire Company #1. Over the course… Read more

  • Emilo Carranza

    Emilo Carranza

    To many who visit Emilio Carranza’s memorial on Carranza Road in our town, his story begins and ends on that fateful, hot summer, July day in 1928. We learn of his New York departure, with the pending thunder storm predictions and wonder why in the world did he take flight. We read about the local… Read more

  • Historic Inhabitants

    Historic Inhabitants

    History of various Tabernacle families including Bowker, Alloway, Haines, Moore, etc. Read more

  • Patty Bowker explained? ©

    Not to long ago on a social media page, there was a very long thread about the origin of the name for the local road known as “Patty Bowker Road.” This brief article provides a bit of insight of just what that origin may be. Read more

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