Harvest home picnic

You may be curious about the image atop each of our web pages–it is an early postcard of a Harvest Home picnic.

On the 31st of July 1876 a Harvest Home picnic was held in Haines Woods. There may have been earlier ones, but local Methodist Church records for Tabernacle listed in “Indian Mills Charge Methodist Episcopal Church 1876-1922,” begins in that year. It appears that a Harvest Home was held just about every year during this time frame and they probably continued for several more years after that. The 1876 picnic netted $22.00 for the church while the one in 1922 showed a profit of $303.28.

The location of this annual event was in Haines Woods. Today this is at the intersection of Carranza and Hawkin Roads. A modern house now sits on this site. While it is not clear when the Harvest Home picnics ended, it is certain that today’s annual Chicken Barbacue of the Historical Society is a continuation of this long standing tradition. Enjoy the older pictures below which appeared on postcards of that era.

1984 Chicken Barbecue at Patty Bowker Sports Complex