Funeral Invitations

Funeral invitations were used during the 17th and 18th centuries. The cards were sent to notify family and friends when the funeral was to be held. These invitations were very important socially. A funeral invitation could actually be used like a ticket, to gain admittance to a funeral, especially if it were for someone important or well known.

The collection displayed below is from our own inventory of historic documents, as well as online sites like and Find-A-Grave. If you have any of these in your possession, and would like us to share them on this site, please contact us.

Rebecca Hollingshead Allen (1828-1905)

Hollingshead Allen (1852-1939)
Russell Allen (1896-1938)
Lucy Ann Shepard Alloway
Susan M Alloway (1855-1925)
George Walter Batterson (1854-1913)
Mary Anna Batterson (1923-1926)
Euphernia Cutts Beaumont (1873-1927)
Charles Beebe (1860-1932)

Virgina Bowker (1862-1929)
Lydia Bozarth (1864-1916)
Oliver Braddock (1874-1911)
Hannah Prickett Brown (1841-1923)
Isaiah Brown (1834-1906)
Mary Elizabeth Allen Brown (1856-1915)
Thomason Keeler Brown (1838-1912)
Bertha Waters Brown (1886-1916)
William Clevenger (1847-1904)
Josephine Naylor Cliver (1851-1922)
William M Cliver (1856-1921)
Dora Cotteral (1893-1909)
Maud Cotteral (1899-1918)
Mary J Cotton
Sarah Crain Cotton (1854-1912)
Martha L Alloway Couples (1844-1926)
Alfred H Crain (1840-1911)
Caroline Crain Foulks
Isaiah B Crain (1861-1912)
John Cramer (1850-1891)
Zadac Cramer (1848-1911)
Robert Cutts (1878-1939)
Thelma H Cutts (1918-1922)
William Cutts Sr. (1835-1914)
Charles DeCou (1838-1912)
Elizabeth DeCou (1863-1909)
Mary Alloway Dickenson (1846=1917)
Florence Smith Emmons (1862-1919)
Lorenzo Emmons (1882-1927)
Reading Emmons (1860-1916)
Wycoff Emmons (1830-1911)
Elizabeth Jane Foster Ritzendollar (1846-1912)
Caroline Crain Foulks (1873-1931)
Charles H Foulks (1855-1918) Provided by Barry Foulks
Elizabeth Rogers Gardner (1848-1928)
Frank Gardiner (1886-1900)
Carrie Gaskill Scott (1864-1936)
Ann Templeton Haines (1869-1935)
Carlton Haines (1869-1926)
Florence Anna Mathes Haines (1859-1921)
Howard K Haines (1868-1936)
Loveland Jackson (1816-1895)

Catherine Cutts Horn (1874-1927)
Mary Jane Jackson (1856-1913)
Thomas E Jackson (1854-1920)
Lydia H Miller (1849-1920)
Julius William Pepper (1914-1915)

Josephine Ritzendollar (1874-1889)
George Rogers (1866-1927)
Mary E Rogers (1866-1925)
William Severs Jr (1912-1936)
Amos Cooper Taylor (1849-1925)
Emily Coles Taylor (1855-1926)
Hannah A Taylor (1877-1923)
Frances Watson
Hannah Piper Wells (1830-1912)
Lilla Wells
Patience Taylor Wells !842-1911)
William H Wills (1833-1919)
Harriett E Wisham (1863-1916)
John S Wood (1834-1913)
Caroline Brown Wright (1848-1916)
Adam Gaskill Wright (1832-1924)
Harry F Wright (1874-1922)
Henry I Wright (1868-1939)
Francis Watson (-1918)