Written history – Author Unknown – dated March 1891

The following history is a typed version believed to have been written on March 28, 1891. It’s author is not know, nor is it’s original place of publication. The writter certainly would today be an “ad pitchman” for a new housing development.

Tabernacle is a nice little village situated near the headwaters of the Rancocas Creek. The principal features of the place are two churches; one select Methodist and the other free Methodist, one parsonage, two stores,where general merchandise is sold, one school house, where the young ideas are taught to shoot, one blacksmith shop, with a first class blacksmith, who always has a pleasant tale to relate, and a hall where the Jr. O. U. A. M. hold high carnival every Saturday night, rain, snow or blow. The neighborhood is composed of farmers, who, as a general rule, are good natured and prosperous. There wives are intelligent and refined. The young men are handsome and industrious, while the young ladies are bewitchingly cleaver and beautiful. Even the cats and dogs look happy.In the spring and summer the scenery is pleasant to behold, bright green meadows and verdant fields are spread before us on every hand, which show the pride our farmers take in their work, and as the season advances every crop is attended to in it’s proper time, for they are a people who never get left. Once in a while there is a great wedding and we are glad to say, very few deaths. Our climate is a sure cure for ague and gout. Besides all other advantages we have a daily mail delivered by the famous trotter; also, the Vincentown baker makes three trips through here weekly and excellent bread and pastry he furnishes us too.

The Sunday services are well attended and the churches are in a prosperous condition. Both our storekeepers are doing a flourishing business, and both are very accommodating men. In addition to his store, Mr. Peters has a shoemaker’s shop, and he lives just around the graveyard, while Mr. Haines lives by the church, and he always has a smile of welcome and is ready to do a favor for anyone; he is certainly deserving of praise. He has the post office and makes an excellent postmaster. All we need now is a factory and a railroad, and then we will not ask for more.

Some sing the praise of Vincentown,

Where the hens and roosters cackle;

And some of Medford on the hill,

But give me Tabernacle.

No other place can boast as much,

Nor horses fast unshackle;

And the very best place in this world,

Is little Tabernacle.

March 28, 1891

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