1800’s Friendship One Room School House in Tabernacle

The following information was contained in a one page “memory” probably written by Lois Spaeth.

No trace remains today of a one room school house once located on what is locally called the Spaeth property. In 1938 when the Spaeth’s purchased the land adjoining both Powell Place and Friendship Roads, years of neglect had worn away many of the property’s buildings. The buildings were overgrown with brush and trees. The dam on Friendship Creek was out and former cranberry bogs .

It is believed that the one room school house was built in the 1800’s. The Spaeth’s restored it and it became the inner core of the Spaeth homestead. Over the years it had been added to many times so that the outlines of the original school were no longer discernable.

According to a graduate thesis written by Lillie Fitzpatrick in 1987, this Friendship School was constructed in 1885. She mention’s that many of her sources were “personal interviews with residents, former teachers and school officials.”

A separate article about the rest of the Spaeth property will appear in a future update.

Former school house on the Spaeth property. (Spaeth picture)
Former school house in wintertime. Note the chopped firewood and broom on the porch.
(Spaeth picture)
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