1936 Renovated 1909 School House on Carranza Road

In 1936 the two room school house was moved from the Town hall site to a new four acre location a short distance away on Carranza Road. We have no pictures of the actual move but have been told that a team of horses was used to pull it down Carranza Road.

According to a 1936 article in Burlington County Educational News, here is a description of the renovated building.

This building is now located on a fine level track of land containing four acres of ground which will provide plenty of space for playground and playground equipment. One also notes the splendid approach to the school , shrubbery which has been set out and the laying out of walks and drives around the building.

The new building contains four commodious class rooms , well lighted, ventilated, heated, and fully equipped. It also contains a room for the doctorand nurse to work in. In the basement may be found a kitchen, a lunchroom, modern lavatories for boys and girls and an assembly room that will seat 300 people together with a stage for various school activities. The building is heated by means of an oil burner. One room at the present time is not in use.

The school is modern in every respect. The community of Tabernacle is to be congratulated upon having such a building. The flag pole was donated by Mr. I Nelson Haines, President of the Board of Education. The teachers at the present time are Miss Florence Lawless, principal; Mrs. Mae K. Stuckey; and Miss Bessie Channell.

Tabernacle Township also owns and operates two splendid school busses. It’s high school children attend Rancocas Valley High School at Mount Holly. Fifteen children are attending the High School at the present time.

The members of the Board of Education are: Mr. I Nelson Haines, president, Joseph A Couples, vice-president; William Pepper, Joseph Horner, Joseph Yeates, Harvey Wells, Philip Gerber, A. Elmer Harvey and Lester Holmes. The District Clerk is A. Elmer Harvey. The Custodian of School Funds is Mr. Richard Haines.

1936 Dedication, cover and rear pages
1936 Dedication, inside pages
1941 school view
1947-48 students

On October 26, 1991 a reunion was held for the classes of 1947 and 1948. Only three members could not be located and, unfortunately two had passed away.

1947 Graduation Program
1947 Graduates
Front row, left to right – Beatrice Bradbury, Betty Jean Inman, Judy Sherry, Marion Stinson, Mary Moore and Jean Dangler
Back row, left to right – Albert Carpenter, Kim Sherry, Frank Posch, Edward Gallagher, Charles Gerber, Robert Robbins, Eugene Copolla, Theodore Yates and Robert Fitzpatrick
1948 Graduates
Front row, left to right – Janet Gaul, Joyce Law, Miss Eggers, Elizabeth Bradbury
and Elinor Green
Back row, left to right – Eric Hickman, Bill O’Dell, Frank Horner, Chester Pinkerton, Ira Hollowell, Eugene Miller, Charles Hatcher and Norman Gerber
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