1856 One Room School House – Town Hall Site

The very first school in central Tabernacle may have been built as early as 1856. It was in this year that Charles Bowker donated land across the road from the Cemetery and a school house was erected. This information comes from an unpublished graduate thesis written in 1987 by Lillie Fitzpatrick.

This date has also been written, by an early resident and donor, on a 1904 picture of the school. While it is also written that this was “the first school at the Tabernacle Cemetery,” local history and Ms Fitzpatrick’s paper state it was actually on the site of our Town Hall. We are continuing to research and refine our knowledge of it’s true location.

From an 1885 map of the Cemetery’s rows and lots, we do see a building foundation along Carranza Road. It is marked “Meeting House.” However it was removed by 1885 so is not the one room school house.

Prior to the construction of the 1856 school house, children were taught inside the original log church located within the cemetery grounds.

The teacher in this picture is Anna Templeton. Since it is believed she taught from 1892-1895, this class picture is from that era.
First row, left to right – Rebecca Simons, May Shearer Ada ones, Addie Wischman and
Anna Cramner
Second row, left to right – Gertrude Shearer, Clara Shearer, Eli Cramner, Clarence Carmelia, Alex Cutts, Levi Ellis, Wm Haines and Charles Cutts
Third row, left to right – Frances Dixon, Florence Dixon, Lizzie Shearer, Hannah Rogers, Margaret Ellis and Helen Noble
Fourth row, left to right – Ellen Warner, Raymond Wischman, Frank Ellis, Nathan Noble, John Noble, Caleb Rogers and Earl Haines
Fifth row, left to right – Christine Cutts, Lorenzo Emmons, Anna Laura Allen, Phoebe Ellis, Malissa Bowker, Carrie Ellis, Eva Haines and Mary Dixon
Teacher – Anna Templeton or Mrs. Carlton Haines
1856 School House- year unknown, possibly 1897-8
Front row, left to right – Hannah Bowker, Elmer Batterson, Herman Mathis, Grover Pepper, Walter DeCamp, Harry Pepper, Levi Ellis, Clara Haines and Willie Yates (?)
Center row, left to right – Emma Horner, Willis Bowker, Bessie Horner, Sara Taylor,
Frances Dixon, Bessie Batterson, Margaret Ellis, Bertha Taylor, and Elmer Bowker
Back row, left to right – Frank Howell, Sadie DeCamp, Mammie Batterson, William Haines, Ella Howell, Mary Dixon, Florence Dixon, Hannah Rogers and teacher Reese Whiticare.
1856 School House – Believed to be about 1903 based upon birth years of the Haines’s
(1895 and 1898)
Front row far left – Robert Haines
Front row far right – John Haines
(Society picture)
1856 School House 1904 (Society picture)
1893 School evaluation page 1
Note it is for “Shamong Township,” as Tabernacle was not incorporated as a township until 1901. (Society document)

1893 School evaluation – page 2 Financial report (Society document)
1893 School evaluation page 3 Tax report (Society document)
1893 School evaluation – page 4 Tax and debt report (Society document)
1893 School evaluation – Envelope, mailed at Red Lion, sent from Medford (Society document)
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