Hello and welcome to our redesigned website. Many thanks to Yardell Perkins at for his patience and understanding as we collaborated to set up this new design reorganization. We hope you like the new simplicity, compact structure and easier navigation Yardell has designed for us.

Soon we will resume adding new posts. A few topics we expect to finish soon will focus on the histories of Sandy Ridge and Friendship Mill. So often research involves visits to historical document repositories, internet sites and the anticipated arrival of ordered documents. So it is with the Friendship Mill story, we are awaiting several colonial era deeds from the State Archives which should “tie up” some loose ends of our research.

And with this blog, we invite you to ask questions, comment on content and perhaps suggest future research targets. You may even want to assist with an area in which you have vast experience!

Just click on “leave a comment” above and leave your “Thoughts!”


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