Historic Inhabitants

Every successful town starts with a few intrepid individuals who decide to strikeout on their own to make a life for themselves and their families. Early life was not easy, but these families, now well known names around town, decided to make Tabernacle their home.

All of these pictures have come from our collections or internet sites such as Ancestry.com and Find-a-Grave. Many are from the collection of Millie Moore, a long time local family genealogy researcher, If you have additional pictures you would like to post, please contact us via the emails on the “Contacts” page. Or if we’ve posted one of your pix and you would allow us to give you credit for that, just let us know.

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Anna Moore Alloway (1864-1940)

Elizabeth Alloway (1864-1889)
Curlis Alloway (1881-1944) (From Ancestry.com)
Emma Alloway (born 1891) (From Ancestry.com)
George Franklin Alloway (1904-1951) (From Ancestry.com)
Gladys Alloway (1908-1986) and Anthony DeMarco (1904-1965)

Mark Alloway (1858-1928)
Martha Alloway (1901-1975) was married to Henry Weeks and John Haines (From Ancestry.com)
Richard Alloway (1825-1900)


Meribeth Prickett Bowker (1833-1919)
Mildred Bowker (1907-1994), Anna Lippencott Stiles (1875-?), Arthur Stiles (1900-1972), Dorothy Bowker Stiles (1905-1997) , Sadie Weeks Bowker (1880-1955) and William Stiles (1908-?).
Dorothy (1905-1997) and Mildred Bowker (1907-1994) (From Ancestry.com)
Sadie Weeks Bowker (1880-1955)
Sadie Weeks Bowker with daughters Mildred and Dorothy
Sadie Weeks Bowker
Vincent (1875-1907) and Sadie Weeks Bowker
Martha Bowker (1822-1890) wife of Brigham Young
Mildred Bowker (1907-1994) (From Ancestry.com)
Alfred (1904-1998) and Mildred Bowker (1907-1994) Buckalew (From Ancestry.com)
Eli 1827-1905) and Meribeth Bowker


Charles (1864-1938) and Sally Bozarth Johnson (1886-1978)
Elmer (1890-1974) and Reba Bozarth Buelher (1874-1961)
Howard Bozarth (1894-1971)
Carlton Bozarth (born 1893) (From Ancestry.com)
Rebecca Bozarth (1838-1908) (From Ancestry.com)
Alfred Bozarth (1860-1932) with granddaughter Grace (From Ancestry.com)


Ethel Carrie Crain (1891-1987) wife of Floyd Vincent Moore
(From Ancestry.com)
Joseph Cooper Crain (1860-1934)
Joseph Harvey (1883-1963) and Margaret Ellis Crain (1888-1967)
Ethel Crain Moore (1891-1987) and Stella Crain (1888-1980)
Ethel and Stella Crain (From Ancestry.com)
Hannah Belle Crain (1891-1951) wife of Mancill Gager (From Ancestry.com)

Emily Taylor Crain
Back row: Florence, Ethel, Stella and Harry Striker
Front row: Carrie Patterson Crain (1862-1944), Cooper Crain (1860-1934) and baby Harvey Crain (1883-1963)


William Cutts with blacksmith shop in the background

Charles Cutts (1888-1983) and friends
Robert (1878-1939), William (1867-1938), Charles (1888-1983) and Alexander Cutts (1884-1940)
Lydia Haines Cutts, with white hat and Charles Cutts to her left

Pearl Cutts (1937-2019) (From Ancestry.com)
Ruth Cutts (1937-2013) and friends (From Ancestry.com)


Catherine Green Gerber (1918-2011) wife of Artie Gerber (From Ancestry.com)
William E Doughty (1872-1897)
Charles Henry Doughty
Charles Henry Doughty
Selina McHenny Doughty (1842-1920), wife of Samuel Lee Doughty
Marion Haines Doughty (1902-1981), wife of Watson Cooper
Doughty Store ( Nixon’s today). Charles (1869-1921) and Mary Etta Peters Doughty (1876-1956) , with children Marion (1902-1981) and Charles (1904-1966).
Charles Doughty family home, location unknown


Joseph (1882-1953) and Elsie Spout Fletcher with grandchildren Thelma and Robert (From Ancestry.com)
Joseph (1882-1953) and Elsie Fletcher (From Ancestry.com)
Four generations of Fletchers – Joseph T (1882-1953), Joseph W, Robert W and James T (From Ancestry.com)
Mervin Fletcher (1916-2000) (From Ancestry.com)
Mervin (1916-2000) and Carrie Cook Fletcher (1916-1995) (From Ancestry.com)
Mervin (1916-2000) and Carrie Cook Fletcher (1916-1995) (From Ancestry.com)
Mervin (1916-2000) and Carrie Cook Fletcher (1916-1995) (From Ancestry.com)


Charles Foulks (1855-1918) (courtesy of Barry Foulks)
Hannah Crain (courtesy of Barry Foulks)
Ferman Foulks (1916-1995) (courtesy of Barry Foulks)
Ferman Foulks (1916-1995) (courtesy of Barry Foulks)


Gerber Family photo. Bottom row, from the left: Catherine Reichert Gerber (1862-1921),
baby Elizabeth (1902-?), Charles (1896-1967), Julius (1862-1916), Herbert (1900-=1978),
Edward (1898-1987). Top row, Kathryn (1890-1949), Pauline (1885-1969), Julius (1883-1946,
Louis (1887-1958), William (1888-1977) and George (1894-1959).
Gerber family and homestead
Front row: Edward, Elizabeth, Herbert, Charles, and George.
Rear row: Phillip, Julius Sr., Catherine, Katie, William or Lewis, Pauline and Julius.
Lewis (1887-1958) and Ada Lemon Gerber (1891-1950)
Lewis (1887-1958) and Ada Lemon Gerber (1891-1950)
Edna Gerber (1929-1968)
James Gerber (1913-1974)

Sereda Gerber (1926-2010)


Ann Templeton Haines (1873-1933)
Eleanor Haines, age 6
About 1910 – Eva Fogelsanger, Esther Matchett and Lydia Haines
Arthur and Amanda Haines, with their children, in front of their store. This building is still standing next to the Old Tabernacle Cemetery.
Herb (1895-1983) and Annie Hughes Haines (1891-1978), behind “Nixon’s” store, about 1915.
Herbert Haines on an Indian motorcycle in 1915.
Herbert Haines
Herbert, Annie and Herbie (1916-1993) Haines at “Kumry.”
Herbert and Annie Haines
Isaiah (1839-1902) and Martha Brown Haines (1836-1904) at the family homestead.
John Wesley (1896-1981) and Robert Templeton (1898-1978) Haines.
John Wesley Haines
Football player Marriot Haines (1910-2000) in 1927.
Martha Haines (1844-1911).
Nelson (1891-1940), Winnie (1912-1986) and Marriot Haines, (1910-2000) in 1918.
Haines Farm in 1915 or 1916.
Sunnylawn Farm with Grace (1902-1954) and Robert Haines (1898-1978).
Winfield Scott Haines (1861-1923), Florence Mathes Haines (1859-1921) and children in 1897. Their children were Herman Mathis (1888-?), Mary Lydia Haines (1893-1951) and
Charles Herbert Haines(1895-1983).

Elizabeth Haines Moore (1877-1956) with daughter Evelyn (1903-1987) (From Ancestry.com)
Elizabeth Haines Moore (1877-1956) with son Elmer (1908-1973) (From Ancestry.com)


Everett Franklin Horner ( 1879-1944)
Howard Horner (1911-1986)
Howard (1911-1986), George (1904-1985) and Everett Horner (1879-1944)
Florence Horner Beaumont (1900-1977) (From Ancestry.com)
(From Ancestry.com)


Elizabeth Mingin Small (1841-1914)
Franklin Francis Mingin Sr.

Sarah Mingin and friends (From Ancestry.com)


Aaron Bishop Moore (1878-1964)

Aaron B (1858-1934) and Phoebe Ellis Moore (1876-1960) (from the collection of Minnie Moore)
Aaron B Moore (from the collection of Minnie Moore)
Acsah Bishop Moore (1823-1915)

Adelaide Moore 1847-1936) , Harvey (1876-1960) and Allen Joyce (1841-1920)
Belle Taylor (1896-1977) and Hosea Earl Moore (1894-1978)
Aaron B Moore
Acsah Bozarth Moore (1823-1915)
Mary Moore Polhemus (1843-1918), Achsah Bozarth Moore (1823-1915) and probably Ada Moore Simons (1900-1997) (From Ancestry.com)
Acsah Bozarth Moore (1823-1915)
Hosea (1894-1978) and Belle Taylor Moore (1896-1977) (From Ancestry.com)
Cheston John Moore (1891-1975)
(from the collection of Minnie Moore)
Ann Doughty Moore (1874-1951) and daughter Beulah (1906-1959)
Ann Doughty Moore and daughter Beulah. Note motorcycle in the background.
Harvey Lewis Moore (1891-1953)
Floyd (1889-1962) and Ethel Crain Moore (1891-1987)
Floyd (1889-1962) and Ethel Crain Moore (1891-1987) (From Ancestry.com)
John Stonewall (1865-1934) and son Cheston Moore (1891-1975)
(from the collection of Millie Moore)

John Stonewall Moore
Mamie Moore (1898-1979)
Mammie Moore Prickett (1898-1979)
Flora Harker Moore (1897-1984) and Mary S Peacock (From Ancestry.com)
Flora Harker (1897-1984) with parents Thomas and Susan Mason (From Ancestry.com)
Unknown and Orlando, with Floyd and Ethel Crain Moore
Moore homestead on Moore’s Meadow Road.
Built by John Stonewell Moore and son Cheston John Moore.
Nettie Adelaide Moore (1898-1972)

Orlando Bishop Moore1861-1951)
Ada Moore (1900-1997) (From Ancestry.com)
Orlando Bishop Moore in strawberry field
Orlando Bishop Moore Packing Plant
Orlando Moore home in Moore’s Meadow
Sammy Moore
Vincent (1866-1953) and Anna Doughty Moore (1874-1951) with grandson Edmund DiPaolo
Vincent Bishop Moore (1866-1953)
Vincent Bishop Moore
Vincent Bishop Moore (?)

Aaron Bishop Moore (1878-1964)
Acsah Bozarth Moore (1823-1915)
Dora Corliss Moore (1912-1992)
Frederica Wilson Moore (1917-1960)
Elizabeth Haines Moore (1877-1956) and Elmer Moore (1908-1973) (from the collection of Millie Moore)
Elizabeth Haines Moore (1877-1956) and Evelyn Moore (1903-1987)(from the collection of Millie Moore)
Mark Bishop Moore (1860-1934) (from the collection of Millie Moore)
Ella Clevenger Moore (1871-1937)
(from the collection of Millie Moore)
Samuel Richard (1908-1980) and Dora Corlis Moore (1912-1992) (From Ancestry.com)
Edith (1886-1955) and Edna Moore 1888-1980) (From Ancestry.com)
Elmer Eugene Moore (1908-1973) (From Ancestry.com)
Elmer (1908-1973) and Catherine Cutts Moore (1909-2000) with daughter Patricia (From Ancestry.com)


Josephine Naylor (1851-1922)

Joseph (1880-1957) and Elizabeth Waters Naylor (1882-1975) (From Ancestry.com)


Andrew Parks (1844-1913) Confederate Civil War veteran
Andrew Parks and war buddies
Frederick Parks (1914-1975) and Katheryn Emmons (1915-1999)
Verna Parks (1899-1981) and John Bowers 1898-?)
Charles Parks (1901-1967) and Katheryn Emmons (1915-1999)

Wilbert Parks (1874-1930)
Isaac (1919-2004) and Beatrice Anderson Parks (1923-1992) (From Ancestry.com)
Jane Burke Parks (1906-1933) (From Ancestry.com)
Wilbert Parks and friend (From Ancestry.com)
Gordon Parks (1942-2010) (From Ancestry.com)


Arthur (1895-1971) and Clara Scott Pepper (1898-1985)

Clara Scott Pepper (1898-1985) (From Pepper Family Collection)
John Pepper (1863-1938) (From Pepper Family Collection)
Will (1881-1957) and Pauline Gerber Pepper (1885-1969) with Harry (1890-1975) and Kate Gerber Pepper (1890-1949) and William Pope (From Pepper Family Collection)
Joseph (1924-1985) and Hope Eastlick Pepper (1936-2021), Robert Severs (1930-2008) and Billy Pepper (1957-1972) (From Pepper Family Collection)
William (1881-1957) and Pauline Gerber Pepper (1885-1969) with grandson William Pope (From Pepper Family Collection)
Cranberry sorting at Quakers Bogs (Friendship Bogs) (From Pepper Family Collection)
Joseph “Bucky” Pepper (From Pepper Family Collection)
Pepper-Gerber Gun Club (From Pepper Family Collection)
Rachel Hope and Miriam Eastlick
Bucky Pepper (From Pepper Family Collection)
Mother Clara Scott Pepper and children Carrie (1921-2014), Joseph (1924-1985), John (1925-1968) and Mary (1922-2003) (From Pepper Family Collection)
Mary Pepper Reid (1922-2003) beside Pepper House (From Pepper Family Collection)


Mary Etta Peters (1876-1956)


Sidney Scott (1893-1932)
Sidney Scott
Sidney Scott Family
Scott family in front of the Pepper House
Scott’s in front of the parsonage for the Methodist Church
Sidney Scott garage (next to the Pepper House) about 1927
Samuel (1869-1944) and Caroline Gaskill Scott (1865-1910) (From Pepper Family Collection)
David Edwin Scott (From Ancestry.com (1872-1952)
Sidney Scott (1893-1932) military policeman (From Pepper Family Collection)


Charles (1891-1981) and Bobbie (1930-2008) Severs
Snookey Inman, Betty Severs, Fay Eckman and Lilliabell Severs


Laura Sorden (1884-1974)
Olive Sorden Giberson (1888-1944) and Anna Gaskill LeMunyon
Olive Sorden Giberson, Phoebe Weeks and Laura Sorden
Theresa Weeks Sorden (1861-1910)
1929 quilting party – Sorden sisters and Weeks family

Tindall Family

Many people have heard of the Haines family of Tabernacle and of Burlington County. Richard Haines left Northampton England and arrived in America sometime in 1682 on the ship Amity. And it is with his descendant Grace Templeton Haines (1902-1954), who married George Henry Tindall (1899-1985), that the Tindall family connects with the Haines family.

Agnes McGosh Templeton (Tindall Collection)
Ann Elizabeth Templeton Haines (1873-1933) (Tindall Collection)
Annie Elizabeth Templeton Haines (Tindall Collection)
Carleton (1938- ?) and Grace Haines Tindall (1902-1954) (Tindall Collection)
Carleton Tindall and Grace Templeton Haines (Tindall Collection)
Family picnic at Sunnylawn Farm on Carranza Road in Tabernacle (Tindall Collection)
John Wesley Haines (1896-1981) (Tindall Collection)
John Wesley Haines (Tindall Collection)
John Wesley Haines Panama Canal Zone ID card (Tindall Collection)
Tindall Brothers – Robert (1831-1917), Matthew (1822-1909) and John (1828-1914)
(Tindall Collection)


Thomas Warner (1878-1941)
Thomas Warner
Samuel Warner (1843-1928)
Lillian Bozarth Warner (1902-1977)
Carlton Warner (1900-1978) (From Ancestry.com)
Edmund Warner (1878-1953) store, site unknown (From Ancestry.com)


Clifford (1855-1933) and Emma Naylor Worrell (1858-1937)
William (1877-1941), Mary and Caroline Brown Worrell (1878-1953)
Caroline Brown Worrell (1878-1953) and nine of her children (From Ancestry.com)