Historical Tabernacle in Pictures


Methodist Church
Tabernacle Methodist Church (built about 1880)
Church of Christ (built about 1916)
African Methodist Church (built prior to 1899)

2. Homesteads

Home of Carlton and Annie Haines on Carranza Road
Home of Frank and Addie Crain on New Road
Home of Isaiah and Martha Haines on Flyatt Road (about 1900)
Pictured are Isaiah (1839-1902) and Martha Brown Haines (1836-1904)
This house did burn down and was replaced with an identical replica.
Home of the Moore family on Moore’s Meadow Road
Home of Samuel and Carrie Scott on Carranza Road
Pictured are Unknown lady, Caroline Gaskill Scott (1864-1936) and Samuel Scott (1869-1944)
Today this property is known as the Knight-Pepper House
Home of Vincent Moore
Home of Winfield Scott and Mary Decou Haines (about 1897)
Pictured are (left to right) Winfield Scott Haines (1861-1923), Mary Lydia Haines (1893-1951), Isaiah Nelson Haines (1891-1940), Mary Ann Decou Haines (1866-1899), and Elizabeth Decou
This house, on Tabernacle-Indian Mills Road, burned in the early 1900’s.

3. Schools

Tabernacle students in 1910
Postcard image. The message on the back is “Dear Ella, this is a picture of our new school house, hope you will get to see it sometime. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Evelyn Haines ” The card is dated December 23, 1909. Note the current Town Hall in the background.
1904 students. This is not the same building as the 1909 schoolhouse.
1891 Teaching certificate of Annie Templeton Haines, an early teacher.
Annie Templeton Haines – 1873-1933 – wife of Carlton Haines