About THS

The Tabernacle Historical Society is not a long existent organization that has been around for many, many, years. In fact it is less than 50 years old. The minutes from the very first meeting of the Tabernacle Historical Society are republished below.

On February 19, 1975 a group of 10 people met at Town Hall for the purpose of forming a Historical Society for Tabernacle Township. Those present were Ms. Anabel Smoot, Mrs. Hope Pepper, Mrs. May Poulsyn, Mrs. Anna Shinski, Mrs. Lois Noonan, Mrs. Beatrice Miller, Mrs. Thelma Allen, Mrs. Beatrice Worrell, Donald Spaeth and George Worrell. Two guests were present, Mrs. Susan Bradmon and her daughter, Starr Ginther.

The group asked Thelma Allen to serve as Temporary Chairman and Beatrice Worrell as Temporary Secretary. Lois Noonan proposed that a Historical Society of Tabernacle Township be organized. This was seconded by Mary Poulsyn and carried. Beatrice Miller made a motion that the Temporary Chairman appoint an organizational committee. This was seconded by Anabel Smoot and carried. Thelma Allen, Anabel Smoot and Beatrice Worrell were named.

Hope Pepper made a motion that the Society dues be as follows: $3.00 for a single person., $5.00 for a married couple and $1.00 for students. Anna Shinski seconded the motion and it was carried.

Thelma Allen will apply for a Non-Profit Status. Mary Poulsyn made a notion that the next meeting be held on March 11 at 8pm. This was seconded by Hope Pepper and carried.

Mrs. Susan Bradmon was present from the Burlington County Cultural and Heritage Society and was very helpful in the initiative planning of the Society. She also informed us about booklets which would be a great help to us. She answered questions. Following the meeting she talked about the Smithville Mansion and the purposed park.

The meeting was declared closed by the Chairman.

Respectfully submitted, Beatrice Worrell Temporary Secretary”

In the forty plus years of our existence, much has changed. One thing remaining constant has been our desire to keep annual dues low and affordable. Today an annual membership is just $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a family. A lifetime membership is also available for $100.00.

Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday at 7:30 PM . In January, February and August there is no meeting, and in December there is an “active members” only home luncheon. The meeting place is the Tabernacle Community Center.

Any questions or comments, please call or email Rick Franzen (609 859 3469 or pineyrick@aol.com)